Certified Organic Fruit

We always try to carry at least two varieties of certified organic fruit throughout the year.  For example we currently have two apple varieties (Golden Russet and Arkansas Black) and one pear variety (D’anjou which are right here from the Prey Orchard an organic farm).

Golden Russet:

The golden russet is an heirloom apple grown in East Wenatchee.  It is an old time apple that existed before the more commonly known modern day apples were derived from iterations of crossing.  These apples for today’s consumer are ugly, but they taste great.  They are sweet and with a very strong apple taste.  Definitely worth a try.

Arkansas Black:

The Arkansas Black also grown in East Wenatchee, as you would expect originated in Arkansas.  Since having these apples we have had customers come in and note in astonishment that they hadn’t seen an Arkansas Black since they were last in Arkansas.  These apples are a deep red, more so than a red delicious, but firm with a nice apple flavor.  Again worth a try.

We are glad to sample any fruit here at the Barn.