A Bit of history…

In 1975, Antje and Rudolf Prey, Sr. immigrated to the U.S. with three of their four children. Previously, Rudolf (Rudy) had visited the Wenatchee Valley with his brother-in-law, who was considering buying land here. Rudy fell in love with it. He told his family, “This is where I want to live.”

They returned home to Germany where they soon after sold their farm. Rudy returned in order to buy the land they now own, and was able to harvest the existing crop that fall. His wife and children joined him in September.

Prey Fruit Barn opened its doors in 1979, with a few bins of apples and pears from the family orchard. The fruit stand’s humble beginnings eventually led to what is today one of the finest fruit stands in Washington. We are proud to sell our home-grown pears and apples along with the fresh fruits grown by local farmers. Once they opened, they began to realize the demand for high quality, tree-fresh fruit, and the fruit stand began to grow.

In 1996, Rudolf and Antje turned over the 130 acres orchard and fruit stand to their son, Rudy, Jr. They continue to work at the fruit stand assisting new and returning customers.

Today, some thirty years later, Prey& Fruit Barn is one of the largest, finest fruit stands in Washington. You’ll find picnic area, restrooms, a huge parking lot, and a 100 ft. flag pole that proudly bears a 30 x 50 foot American flag.