Best Pluots

So pluots are a plum / apricot hybrid, well actually it’s more complicated than that, but I don’t want to get scientific.  There are many varieties of pluots.  We will carry at least 10 different varieties throughout the season.

These pluot varieties have very different harvest times.  The first we had was harvested two weeks ago (Flavor Rosa), the second was just harvested and is called Flavor Supreme.  In my opinion pluots are generally better tasting than plums and the Flavor Supreme is the best tasting.

Flavor Supreme Pluots

The Flavor Supreme is ripe when it is green on the outside.  This is very deceptive, because it doesn’t look ripe and therefore larger grocers won’t carry it because people don’t know the fruit and won’t buy it.  We offer one for you to taste, which changes everything.

These pluots are bright red on the inside, sweet and firm.  They have tremendous flavor.  It is hard to find somebody who tastes them and doesn’t like them.

We have a lot of Flavor Supreme Pluots right now, so come down and try them out.