Christmas Apple Sauce

Prey’s currently has lots of apples with a few small dings, blemishes, or marks that we are selling by the box load!  We call these apples “seconds” but the markings don’t affect the taste.  These are absolutely perfect for juicing or making apple sauce since they often won’t sell individually on the shelves due to their less than perfect outer appearance. 

A 20-lb box is $10 and a 40-lb box is $15.  You can even request that the apples in your specific box be entirely organic for the same price!  We also have lots of pink pearl apples (green on the outside, pink on the inside!) which you can include in your apple sauce mix that will give the apple sauce a fun pink hue just for the Holidays!

Stop by the store and ask for a box of “apple sauce apples,” or “apple seconds,” and we will custom make your specific box to achieve the flavors and tastes you’re after. Cheers!

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