The Secret is Out! Concorde Pears are Sweet & Crunchy

There are only about 10 varieties of pears, unlike apples with many 100’s of varieties.  Pears are very hard to cross to get new varieties, so in essence all pears are “heirloom” (never changed by crossing varieties or otherwise). 

Concorde Pears

One of the best varieties of pears is the Concorde Pear (pictured above).  Concorde Pears, like other varieties, have been around forever but for some reason they aren’t as well known as other varieties and are not as widely distributed.  The Concorde is actually the sweetest of all pear varieties. It’s so sweet in fact that it can be eaten before it is fully ripened to the normal softness that is traditional with Bartlett pears and the other more common varieties.  Because it is sweet and tasty before it’s fully soft-ripened, you can eat it when it’s still crunchy and has a texture more similar to that of an apple or Asian pear.  This makes it a favorite for many who typically avoid pears due to their softer texture. What we personally like best about the Concorde, is that you don’t have to wait for it to fully ripen. You can leave it in the refrigerator and eat them chilled and crunchy.

We will likely have Organic Concorde Pears for the next month or so (about through mid-March), then you’ll have to wait until next pear season before they’ll be available again (mid September). Stop by to take some home and to introduce a new flavor of pear into your diet!

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