The following varieties are available for purchase today! This list constantly changes, so check back often, or simply give us a call to find out if your favorite variety is available. We also carry much more than fresh fruit and vegetables including jams, jellies, salsas, wine, cider, and more. Check out the Products page for a list of our less-seasonal offerings.

Featured Fruits


Conventional Red $3.99/LB
Conventional Rainier  $4.99/LB


Lemonade (New Zealand) $2.49/LB
Organic Shamrock (new crop) $2.49/LB
Ginger Gold (new crop) $2.49/LB
Gravenstein (new crop) $2.49/LB


D’Anjou $2.49/LB

Other Fresh Fruit (20lb box $35, 10lb box $20):

Red Globe Peaches $2.49/LB
Rising Star Peaches $2.49/LB
Donut Peaches – Organic $2.49/LB
White Flesh Nectarines $2.49/LB
Santa Rosa Plums $2.49/LB
Flavor Supreme Organic Pluots $2.49/LB
Green Gage Plums $2.49/LB

Fresh Berries:

Blueberries $5.79/LB (over 4LB quantity purchases are $4.00/LB)
Raspberries (limited supply) $5.79/LB
Blackberries (limited supply) $5.79/LB
Mullberries (limited supply) $5.79/LB

Dried Fruit & Nuts:
Crisp dried apples
Crisp dried apples with cinnamon
Soft dried apples
Soft dried apricots
Soft dried nectarines
Soft dried cherries
Soft dried pluots
Sundried Tomatoes
Peanuts – lightly salted & unsalted


Walla Walla Sweet Onions $1.49/LB
Quincy Corn $0.67/Ear