Fruit Update August 12, 2018

We have red globe peaches, but elberta peaches are still a week to ten days out.

I just talked with the orchardist who supplies the tsugaru apples, these are one of the favorites.  They are a great tasting sweet apple.  The orchardist said that it is a very nice crop, it looks like we’ll have twice as many this year as compared to last year and they are going to be bigger.  Last year they were quite small.  He said that they are about three weeks out.  Stay tuned, for more updates.


2 thoughts on “Fruit Update August 12, 2018”

  1. What are the best apples for apple sauce? I have told there different types of apples. I do not like those as I often buy more apples than I need and the mix is not really good for eating or pies. Several years ago I was told Jonnagold(sp). But are there better ones?

    1. I’m sorry to be so slow responding to this question. People are using all sorts of apples for apple sauce making. The most popular is a mix of both sweet and tart apples. We have several boxes pre-mixed like this and a 20lb box sells for $10 and a 40lb box for $15. Yes the jonagold is popular for applesauce as is the gravenstein, jonathan and golden delicious. For most people its a choice of how much or little sweetness is desired. For example an all jonathan applesauce will be less sweet than the other three. Hope that helps.

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