We have a great variety of jams and jellies.  Our jams are wonderful tasting and many are juice sweetened, so no granulated sugar added.  These are a little less sweet tasting than most jams, something that I prefer, and with the added advantage of natural sweetness rather than from sugar.  These are part of our Prey’s Fruit Barn line of jams and include; apricot, blueberry, cherry, peach and strawberry.  In addition we have some wonderful jams made by Elki out of Seattle.  These are influenced by Scandinavian favorites and include; lingonberry (both jam and sauce), strawberry, raspberry/rhubarb, raspberry, black currant and blackberry.  This isn’t all, we have some wonderful pepper jellies, 5 flavors by Leapin’ Lizard made in Spokane.  Also from Spokane are some more exact jellies including; saskatoon, red plum, red rhubarb, pear, apple and chokecherry.  And then there is the fruit butters; apple, pear, pumpkin, cherry and peach.


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