We have a great variety of jams and jellies.  Our jams are wonderful tasting and many are juice sweetened, so no granulated sugar added.  These are a little less sweet tasting than most jams, something that I prefer, and with the added advantage of natural sweetness rather than from sugar.  These are part of our Prey’s Fruit Barn line of jams and include; apricot, blueberry, cherry, peach and strawberry.  In addition we have some wonderful jams made by Elki out of Seattle.  These are influenced by Scandinavian favorites and include; lingonberry (both jam and sauce), strawberry, raspberry/rhubarb, raspberry, black currant and blackberry.  This isn’t all, we have some wonderful pepper jellies, 5 flavors by Leapin’ Lizard made in Spokane.  Also from Spokane are some more exact jellies including; saskatoon, red plum, red rhubarb, pear, apple and chokecherry.  And then there is the fruit butters; apple, pear, pumpkin, cherry and peach.


3 thoughts on “JAMS AND JELLIES”

  1. Dear Prey’s Fruit Barn:

    I enjoy reading your Fruit Barn’s amazing history and do like to visit your place some time this summer. I do have one question to ask as Do you also carry the Asian pear, if so, when will be the best open season for sale, so I may arrange my visit schedule around it? (In this page, you have –> PEARS ARE AMAZING TASTING RIGHT NOW—> It that Asian Pear?)

    Sincerely your,

    Auburn, WA

    1. We have organic Asian pears right from our orchard. They usually come off the tree around mid September. Our first pear will be harvested around August 1st, it is small but very sweet and is called the Harrow Delight. You won’t find it anywhere else. Thanks for asking.

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