Status on available fruit

We have mid-season peaches, but the free stone peaches are yet to come.  The first free stone peaches will be available on about August 10th.  Eventually we will have Elberta, Hale, O’Henry, Zee Lady and a wonderful variety called September Sun which will be certified organic.

We have the first apples of the year, called earligold, they are a tart apple.  The next apples will be gala, golden delicious and ginger gold which will be available on about August 15th.  Honeycrisp, MacIntosh and sweetie apples will come out on about September 1st.  Shortly after that will be gravenstein, tsugaru and Fuji.

Pears will be early this year.  Our first varieties will be Harrow Delight and Stark Crimson and will be available on about August 10th.  These are great eating and canning pears, so don’t miss them as they won’t last long and you can’t find them at grocery stores.  Shortly following these two will be Bartlett pears.

Stay tuned for more updates and always feel free to call when you expect to be heading to town.

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