Update from Prey’s

We have a few peaches left.  They are very good and all are freestone.  We have a wide variety of plums and a growing variety of apples and pears.   The Quincy corn has been exceptional this year and we will have two more weeks of corn!  Also we have a great selection of tomatoes and winter squash.

The apples are running a little late this year, but we now have 8 varieties and it will grow from here.  We have our trademark tsugaru apples, very sweet apple and the gravenstein for cooking, apple saucing or just eating if you like a bit more of a tart apple.  The gala and golden delicious are both as good as they have been for several years.

We have fabulous winter squash, definitely worth a try if you haven’t lately.  We have the usual acorn, butternut and spaghetti, but also delicate, red kuri and kabocha.   We also have the larger varieties (hubbard and turks turban). 

Our store is decked out with pumpkins of all kinds and little decorative gourdes.  It’s a fun time to visit!