Wonderful Dried Fruit

Prey’s offers a variety of dried fruit year around, but it’s particularly nice in the winter when there is less fresh fruit available at the local markets.  For many years we’ve had the crisp dried apple chips that are 100% apple, no sugar added, but because they are crisp dried the sweetness is concentrated.  They are great for taking on hikes or for some quick energy during a work day.  Now, we also have the very same crisp apple chips, but with cinnamon for all you cinnamon lovers!

Just earlier this year we also started carrying several types of soft dried fruit.  We have soft dried apples that are quite different tasting than the crisp dried apples.  We also have apricots, rainier cherries, tart cherries, nectarines and pluots. Stop by for a free sample to see which flavors you enjoy most!

They all have a fabulous taste and certainly can be great for hikes or snacks, but also to serve with meals or to add to your cereal in the morning.  Many ask ‘what’s a pluot?’; it is a cross between a plum and an apricot.  Generally they look like plums and for the most part taste like plums.  There are many different varieties of pluots.  Some of our favorite tasting fruits are the pluots we get in the summer and early fall months.

So, just because it’s winter, there’s no need to feel like your diet has to be void of fruits. At Prey’s you can still get a variety of fruit all winter long including organic and non-organic apples and pears, along with these wonderful dried fruits. See you soon!